Air Explorer vs Air Cluster

Air Explorer vs Air Cluster

Air Explorer and Air Cluster offer you different options to access and manage your cloud storage accounts. Air Explorer lets you add multiple clouds from various servers and access them all from a single interface. You can view, upload, download, and transfer files between clouds using tabs and a split screen. Air Explorer also supports SFTP and WebDav protocols for secure file transfers.

Air Cluster lets you merge multiple clouds into one big cluster.

Air Cluster, on the other hand, enables you to combine several clouds into one large cluster. You can add clouds from the same or different servers and increase your storage space. Air Cluster distributes your files across the clouds to optimize the space usage. You can also use SFTP and WebDav with Air Cluster.

Air Explorer and Air Cluster offer the option to encrypt your files

Both Air Explorer and Air Cluster support the most popular cloud services, such as Google Drive, Onedrive, Box, Dropbox, etc. They also offer the option to encrypt your files before uploading them to the cloud for extra security. Moreover, they both have synchronization tools that allow you to keep your files updated between different locations. You can choose the type of synchronization, save it, and repeat it whenever you want. Air Explorer can synchronize cloud to cloud or local to cloud, while Air Cluster can synchronize local to cluster or cluster to cluster.

One advantage of Air Explorer over Air Cluster is that it has a scheduling feature that lets you automate your synchronizations. This is very useful for performing regular backups or syncing large amounts of data. Another advantage of Air Explorer is that it has a command line interface that allows you to execute file transfers and syncs without opening the program. This gives you more flexibility and control over your tasks.

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